Monday, August 29, 2011

Reforestation Ramble

Aside from 12 Hours of Santos, Iceman, and Wausau24 this was my most expensive race year because about 8 minutes in I was involved in crash and shouting match and resulted in my Garmin being broken. Repairs are going to run me over $100 at least if not more, a complete loss would be about $300. I was so pissed I couldn't bring myself to finish the race and called it an early day with the expectation I have next weekends 12 hours of Pitchblack single track to look forward to.

Hats off the Ripon Redhawks kicking butt and taking names. Oh I almost forgot, Saturday was the formal grand opening of the trails @ Ripon. I put in over 20 hours there working and doing what I could. Its nice to see the pay off a reality.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Where the hell have I been, having not posted for over 2 Years

2009 was a bust of a year with a screwed up ankle. The only highlight being Iceman where I did a 2:28.

2010 - I became a dealer of WN Precision. I do professional level bike fitting no. I did lots of racing but was plagued by a mid summer GI issue that had my go in for surgery that I later found out was cause by a food allergy that I soon found out was from a Soy, Nut, and stomach acid allergy. I now take a daily antacid.

2011 - Has been a bit better to me. I had a so-so florida season. I capped it off by purchasing a Niner MCR which was a good move. I got 8th out of 23 @ the 55mile solo @ the "Southern Kettle Classic" I trained my butt off in july in prep for Wausau24, the race ended up being a bit of a bust due to inclement weather and about an inch of rain. I, on August 15th became an event Rep for thee Infinit Nutrition. I will be going to a bunch of races this fall, I hope this will be a good endeavor for me as I'm really excited for the future relationship with the company.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Pro & Oleta Challenge

In my last month in Florida I did my final race of Winter @ Oleta. The 60 mile Oleta Challenge. The results haven't been posted online yet. I did 50 miles on my hard hardtail, but the big newsbreaker from the event is that I've gotten sponsorship from Infinit Nutrition for this year. Free Entry into 24-9 and free entry into 24 hours of Big Bear and 24 hours of Moab. I highly highly doubt I'll go to Moab since its so far away and happens at a bad time of the year for me in regaurds to work and would be cost prohibitive for me to get there. I'm excited and proud to announce I will be racing in the Mens Solo Pro Class and pushing myself to my limits. I don't think I'll poidum, thats not realistic, but I do think I will be in the top 50% of the class. If I do both 24-9 and Big Bear in the pro class I will be scored in the Series standings. I just hope to build my racing resume and show others that I'm not a pushover. Maybe this will be the start of future sponsorships as well. As long as Infinit Sponsors and I don't make a fool of myself and represent the company well I think this sponsorship will be perpetual.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hospice 100K, the race for charity that will land you in a Hospice

The Hospice 100k was on March 1st marking the 13th consecutive month I have raced. The Hospice 100k race @ Markham was the most technical race course I have ever ridden, but that isn't a good thing. The course beat me up. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. I finished 40th out of 50 in all solos. Which is terrible but I don't feel bad because I quit, I think I did pretty good with the course in the shape it was in with the bike I had to be honest.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Race Hydration

Mostly Infinit Nutrition... and water.

33rd out of 43 @ 6 hours of Oleta
8th out of 10 @ 12 hours of Santos (as a Duo)
Hospice 100K, my goal is to finish above the 70th percentile.

Friday, February 27, 2009

24-9 Prospects and Thoughts

With 24-9 being taken over more or less by Granny Gear Production has its good and bad. There isn't a non-pro/base/sport/comp/non-cash payout solo division, there is however a $60 Single Speed Solo Division which boggles the mind. If this is Still the Case come race time, I might be pulling the Monocog Redline 29er out of the cob-webs to avoid the $280 entry fee. and spend the difference on a suspension fork for it.

I've emailed them to this effect and pointed out how "Dumb" this is for lack of a better term. I would rather boycott my home state's 24 Hour Race and race @ Salsa 2-4 aka 24 Hours of Afton or 24 hours of Boyne or 24 hours of Seven Oaks. Races that are put on well, and aren't commercialized for profit per se, productions run by people who have unconditional love for the Sport. I understand a change in management means that changes will happen but this is just "Dumb". I would appreciate it if you would write Granny Gear Productions @ and tell them you are displeased with their Choices they are making and that we want a race that is fun as well as fair for all involved; young and old, base/citizen to expert/pro. A promoter that puts on "Cookie Cutter Races" is not promoter I want to endorse. Just because a race format works in Utah or West Virginia doesn't mean it will work in Wisconsin. Come on, we have the largest Single state Endurance Series and Cross Country Series in the Country. We love our mountain biking and we know what a well run race looks like.

Last Labor Day I had Signed up the 24 Hours of Seven Oaks but the week before I decided I needed a Tune-up so I did the 6 hours @ Metro Challenge. I hyper-extended my Hamstring and was sore all week, I knew that Seven Oaks was a climbing intensive course and combined with the considerable drive I determined it wasn't worth my drive. I asked the promoter if he would be willing to refund me my Money, even though he wasn't required according to his disclaimers he did anyways.

I will do all I can to attend the 2009 24-hours of Seven Oaks because I want to Support promoters like that, that passionate about thesport and feel compassion and know where there participants are coming from because they (the promoter) have been in your position. I just don't believe that exists with Granny Gear Productions. I won't come to a race just because Chris Eatough or Nat Ross is there, OMG I have a huge amount of general distain for Nat Ross more than any other Biker Amateur or Pro in Road or Mountain, than in the entire United States. Smooth Registration and Smooth and updated Scoring get the biggest brownie points in my book. Followed by course marking and neutral support.

Thursday, February 26, 2009