Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Pro & Oleta Challenge

In my last month in Florida I did my final race of Winter @ Oleta. The 60 mile Oleta Challenge. The results haven't been posted online yet. I did 50 miles on my hard hardtail, but the big newsbreaker from the event is that I've gotten sponsorship from Infinit Nutrition for this year. Free Entry into 24-9 and free entry into 24 hours of Big Bear and 24 hours of Moab. I highly highly doubt I'll go to Moab since its so far away and happens at a bad time of the year for me in regaurds to work and would be cost prohibitive for me to get there. I'm excited and proud to announce I will be racing in the Mens Solo Pro Class and pushing myself to my limits. I don't think I'll poidum, thats not realistic, but I do think I will be in the top 50% of the class. If I do both 24-9 and Big Bear in the pro class I will be scored in the Series standings. I just hope to build my racing resume and show others that I'm not a pushover. Maybe this will be the start of future sponsorships as well. As long as Infinit Sponsors and I don't make a fool of myself and represent the company well I think this sponsorship will be perpetual.

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GRIESE.J said...

Congratulations man.
Best of luck . and not having to pay that 24-9 fee is a-ok too. best of luck on that.